PowerScan for  Amibroker

Pricing and Benefits of becoming a registered user.


PowerScan is trial ware. This means that you can evaluate the trial version of the program for a period of 30 days before buying it. If you like the program and want to use it for more than the 30 day evaluation period - you have to buy the license to use it. We assume that you installed PowerScan before ordering and checked if it fits your needs.


One-time license fee is: USD 49.00


Here is what you GAIN purchasing PowerScan:

  • the key file enabling all features of the program, including: - Criteria and filter saving. Mutiple criteria support.

  • The next 2 major upgrades.

  • 12 month technical support via e-mail.


After paying registration fee you will receive the personalized key file by e-mail
No other delivery methods are supported. 
Note: When purchasing please supply your e-mail address


If you would like to buy PowerScan, you can purchase online via SWREG.ORG Secure Web Site (SSL) using links below. Payment methods include all major credit cards as well as cheques and wire transfers.

    New User Licenses  
    PowerScan (New Single-User License) 
    Licence fee: $ US 49.00
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PowerScan online ordering is provided by SWREG.ORG (Atlantic Coast PLC) https://www.swreg.org a well established shareware registration and credit card processing agents. They handle registrations for over 7000 shareware programs. Their server uses your browser's powerful built in encryption and security, along with VeriSign/Thawte authentication, to encrypt your personal information and credit card details so that they cannot be intercepted by hackers or other third parties.

All credit card data are transmitted using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol according to the current SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit strong cryptography standard. We have all heard a lot of talk about whether shopping on the internet is safe. The fact is that this year on-line shoppers will spend over $5.7 billion dollars according to International Data Corp. The main concern of on-line shoppers is that their credit card information will somehow end up in the wrong hands. ShareIt/element-5 registration services use Secure Server technology, which encrypts your order information, keeping it private and protected. This technology is used by all the major commercial shopping sites. It is actually safer to transmit your credit card info over the Internet than it is to use your credit card around town.

For more information on security matters, please consult your browser's documentation. Also please note that all information submitted in the online shop is 100% confidential - we won't sell or give away your email address or other details!


On-line purchasing is the fastest way to obtain your personal registration code(s). Once you complete your registration, you will receive your personal data within 24 hours. It's of main importance that you give us a complete and correct Internet e-mail address. Entering an incorrect e-mail address (or an e-mail address that doesn't work correctly), you won't be able to register your software.


E-mail us if you have any further questions regarding registration, future versions, and so on.



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