PowerScan for  AmiBroker



  • Wizard style graphical user interface allows users to easily construct complex multi-criteria formula to match your defined buy or sell rules. The AFL code is generated for you and is used to scan your Amibroker universe with a single click. Virtually unlimited multiple criteria allowed using logical AND/OR operators.

  • Up to 12 different indicator comparison operations.   
    i.e. 'The volume has been above the (Volume Average * 2) for the last 5 bars'. 

  • Select from a list of 33 Amibroker indicators to incorporate into your explorations or scan criteria.

  • Easily filter stock selection by multiple Market, Group, Sector, Industry or Watchlist which can be saved along with the criteria. The ability to include or exclude any of the selections.

  • Save all your customised explorations and scans together with your specified preferences for each criteria set in user definable folders with a full description. This enables all your criteria to be stored in the one place for fast retrieval  and backup.

  • Program automatically generates and stores plain english comments which clearly describes your customised exploration or scan. 

  • User definable parameters for indicators via preferences page.

  • Some pre-built sample formula for you to customise further.

  • On screen code generation enables you to quickly learn the AFL (Amibroker Formula Language). Great for new or existing users who have yet to learn AFL.

  • Help file containing product description and tutorials. F1 help for most areas of the PowerScan interface.


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