PowerScan for  Amibroker

Tutorial 1


This tutorial will demonstrate the following: 
1) How to explore for tickers where the medium time moving average has crossed above the long time moving average on the current bar
2) How to put the results into an AmiBroker watch list and view the charts.
3) How to save your formula in PowerScan (you must have registered version for this step).

Note: As with all the tutorials ensure you have started both AmiBroker and PowerScan before commencing.

Program Versions used in this tutorial: PowerScan beta 1.3.1 and AmiBroker Version 4.40

Step 1 - Set the following exploration parameters from the PowerScan interface.
Apply To: all tickers
Range:  n last bars
Analysis type: Explore
Step 2 - Set the moving average preferences from within PowerScan to match those in this tutorial.
  Select: Tools-->Preferences
Locate the Moving Averages (Prices) preference setting and ensure that the following values are set:

Medium time: Close 30
Long time: Close 50

Step 3 - Enter the following criteria and click the !Run button . This will launch the Amibroker automatic analysis window (AA) and perform the exploration.
  The Simple MA (Medium) crosses above the Simple MA (Long) on the current bar
Step 4 - From within the AA window right mouse click (RMC) any of the results and select: "Add all results to watch list." from the floating menu. 

You could view the charts for each of these tickers that passed the criteria right from the AA window by double clicking the mouse (DMC) on each of the ticker symbols but I find the following method more convenient because it gives you a clear view of the chart area without having to close the AA window each time. 
Step 5 - Select a watchlist from the list. 
(Suggestion: I usually reserve List 63 for this and empty the list after I've finished in preparation for the next exploration.)

You can rename the watchlist in AmiBroker to something more meaningful via the following menus:
Symbol-->Categories...-->Watch list  
Select the generic name and click the Edit button to make the change.


Step 6 - To view the AmiBroker Workspace select the following menu items: View -->Workspace
Navigate to the Watch list folder and locate List 63 where you will find all the tickers from the exploration results. To view the chart for these tickers is a simple matter of selecting each one with the mouse or using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.

Tip: To empty the list RMC on List 63 and select "Erase (Make Empty)" then click OK.



Step 7 - Saving your formula in PowerScan.

Maximise the PowerScan tool and select File-->Save As.
Select the Exploration folder.
Type in a name for the formula (I called it Tutorial 1).
Enter a description for your formula.
Click the 'Save' button.


Sample result chart - This is a sample chart from one of the tickers that passed the exploration criteria. It shows the gold line (30 bar MA) crossing up above the green line (50 bar MA) on the current bar (dated 23/07/2003)

Indicator Formula - You can use the following formula to create a custom indicator using AmiBroker Indicator Builder. This will allow you to view the moving averages as per the above chart.
Once you paste this into the Indicator builder ensure you set the following settings before saveing your indicator.
Scaling: Automatic
Grid lines (Ticked): Limits | Show Dates | Middle
MAC30 = MA(C,30);
MAC50 = MA(C,50);
= EncodeColor( colorGold) + "30 Bar MA =" + WriteVal( MAC30, 7.4 ) +
" "
+ EncodeColor( colorGreen) + "50 Bar MA =" + WriteVal( MAC50, 7.4 );
( MAC30, "MA30", colorGold, styleLine );
( MAC50, "MA50", colorGreen, styleLine );
( Close, "Price", colorBlack, styleCandle );






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