PowerScan for  Amibroker

Tutorial 3


Scope: Explore for all tickers where the volume has been above twice the average volume for the past 3 bars.
Step 1 - Start AmiBroker and PowerScan

Note: If you have not yet installed either of these programs click on the link to the download page and follow the installation instructions.

Step 2 - Setting exploration parameters.

Enter the following exploration parameters into PowerScan as per the example.

Step 3 - Setting indicator preferences.

We need to set the Volume average preference from within PowerScan to match those in this tutorial.

  i) Select: Tools-->Preferences

ii) Locate the Volume average preference setting and ensure that the value is set to 15 periods:
Step 4 - Enter your exploration criteria.

Enter the following criteria and click the !Run button . This will launch the Amibroker automatic analysis window (AA) and perform the exploration within AmiBroker.

  Common Expression: The Volume has been above the Volume (Average)*2 for the previous 3 bars.
Step 5 - Viewing exploration results within AmiBroker.

Note that there were a total of 13 tickers (see bottom status bar of results pane) that met the exploration criteria. To view the chart for each ticker you can double click the ticker in the results list from within the Automatic Analysis (AA) window.

Step 6 - Inserting the built-in Volume and Volume Average indicator.

Positioned in the graphic below are two chart panes each containing various indicators. You are more than likely already familiar with the general price chart pane (the top one of the two) so we will go on and add the built-in Volume indicator to the chart.

Note: Be sure that the AmiBroker built-in Average Volume indiacator is also set to 15 periods via the following AmiBroker menu items: Tools-->Preferences-->Indicators

  i) Close the AA window if you have not already done so.

ii) Right mouse click (RMC) anywhere in the main price chart area and select the following item from the floating menu: Insert --> Volume

It should appear as below. You should be able to see where the last 3 volume spikes are more than twice the 15 period average (Red line) 

Additional Information

Clicking this link will provide you with some addition information about the Volume indicator.




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