PowerScan for  Amibroker

Tutorial 4


Scope: Explore for all tickers where the Volume has been below 1 for the last 22 bars. (Effectively locates tickers with zero volume for approximately 1 month)
Step 1 - Start AmiBroker and PowerScan

Note: If you have not yet installed either of these programs click on the link to the download page and follow the installation instructions.

Step 2 - Setting exploration parameters.

Enter the following exploration parameters into PowerScan as per the example.

Step 3 - Enter your exploration criteria.

Enter the following criteria and click the !Run button . This will launch the Amibroker automatic analysis window (AA) and perform the exploration within AmiBroker.

  Common Expression: The Volume for the previous 20 bars has been below 1.
Step 4 - Viewing the exploration results and saving results to an AmiBroker watchlist.

Note that there were a total of 18 tickers (see bottom status bar of results pane) that meet the exploration criteria of zero volume. To save these tickers to a watchlist for further examination simply RMC (Right Mouse Click) on any of the tickers in the AA (Automatic Analysis) grid and select the menu option to: 'Add all results to watchlist'. then select the desired watchlist from the list.


Additional Information

This exploration is a quick and helpful method to locate tickers that have stopped trading for approximately 1 month. You can vary the number of days (bars) to suit your requirements.




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